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Ideas for Children

Use these ideas for kids in your home, classroom, club, team, or group...

  1. Look at this list and pick at least 10 generous things you can do for others.
  2. Draw 3 money envelopes – Giving, Savings, and Spending. Whenever you get any money, put $ in each envelope.
  3. Turn off lights or electronics when they aren't being used.
  4. Draw a large heart and write ways you can show love and kindness to others.
  5. Draw a picture for a friend or family member.
  6. Clean or polish the shoes of a friend or family member.
  7. Make a dessert or snack to share with others.
  8. Take food to someone you know is sick.
  9. Go through your things and give something away to a friend or needy person.
  10. Make someone's bed for them.
  11. Do chores without complaining.
  12. Say something nice about someone you don't like.
  13. Give a compliment or express appreciation to a teacher.
  14. Pick up any litter you see on the ground.
  15. Do something kind to a person who doesn't have any/many friends.
  16. Write a note to someone telling them why they are special to you.
  17. Offer to help set the dinner table.
  18. Remove and clean the dishes without being asked.
  19. Tell someone you are sorry when you know you upset them.
  20. Let someone else win at a game you're playing together.
  21. Memorize the popular saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
  22. Give a toy or book to someone.
  23. Spend time visiting and talking with an older person.
  24. Share some money in giving jar with a church, charity, or a needy person.
  25. Be a good sport. Don't hog the ball. Compliment the other players.
  26. Give someone a compliment about their hair, eyes, smile, clothing, or smarts.
  27. Draw a picture or make a card and give it to an elderly person or neighbor.
  28. Play with or read a book out loud to a younger child.
  29. Spend time getting to know a person that is very shy.
  30. Give a friend or family member who is upset a hug.
  31. Participate with a group in doing a service project together.
  32. Decide to forgive someone that hurt or upset you.
  33. Tell someone that you love them.
  34. Write down five things you're thankful for.
  35. Be friendly to someone outside your "usual friends/group."
  36. When someone has something heavy, help carry it for them.
  37. Play with someone who is much younger than you.
  38. Other ideas…
  39. Other ideas…
  40. Other ideas…

Ideas for Adults & Families

See how many of these items you can do

  1. Cook a meal for someone who is sick or has been in the hospital.
  2. Give a book you have to a friend who would be helped by it.
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Let someone go in line ahead of you in line.
  5. Smile and greet people when you are walking.
  6. When you buy a snack, buy two and share it.
  7. Plan a #LoveInAction project you can do with a group.
  8. If you buy a coffee or drink, give the cashier $ to pay for the next person’s drink.
  9. Help return shopping carts in the parking lot.
  10. Do a birthday CrowdFunding campaign and raise money for #CleanWater or a ministry that helps the needy.
  11. When you notice someone that seems lost or needs help, offer to help.
  12. Take donuts to the fire or police station and thank them for their service.
  13. Send a thank you text, email, or note to someone who helped you in life.
  14. Go for a walk and introduce yourself to neighbors you haven’t met yet.
  15. Be kind or do something nice for someone you dislike.
  16. Buy some $5 fast food restaurant gift cards you can give to the homeless.
  17. Offer to care for someone’s pet, plants, or mail when they go on a trip.
  18. When cooking, make some extra and share it with someone in need.
  19. Make a “baby kit” for a new mother (diapers, formula, food, clothes, etc.).
  20. Give someone or several people a hug today.
  21. Ask a single mom or retiree if there is any way you could help them.
  22. Share a funny story or joke that will help someone smile or laugh today.
  23. Call a friend you haven’t talked to for a year or more.
  24. Bake or buy some snacks and share them at work or school.
  25. Tip someone 50% (or ___%) on your restaurant bill.
  26. Offer to pray for someone you know who is hurting or struggling.
  27. Treat someone to the movies, event, or an activity.
  28. Invite someone in your neighborhood over for a meal or dessert.
  29. Go through your things and give away items you are no longer using.
  30. Have a garage sale with family or neighbors to raise money for a cause.
  31. Give a donation to a nonprofit in honor or memory of a loved one.
  32. Give or send someone flowers.
  33. Go visit an elderly person and take them a snack or gift.
  34. Help a neighbor, single parent, or elderly person/couple with needed house projects or repairs (yard work, painting, fix-it projects, etc.).)
  35. Let someone “in” when traffic is tight. Wave to them and smile.
  36. Watch someone’s children so they can go out on a date or outing.
  37. Take a child of a single parent to an event.
  38. Purchase an extra bag of groceries for single parent or needy family.
  39. Invite foreigners to your home to celebrate a national or religious holiday.
  40. Other ideas…

Ideas for Groups

Use these ideas to plan a group project for your school, class, church, club,

group, team, business, nonprofit, department, etc.

  1. Make and give out Care Packets for the homeless (fill gallon ziplock bag with warm socks, gloves, toothbrush, nail clippers, ear plugs, $5 McDonald’s gift card, stamped envelope/paper/pen, mirror, ear swabs, aspirin, cough drops, Chapstick, and more).
  2. Work with local officials to paint over graffiti in your community.
  3. Clean up trash at a park, sports field, beach, school, or river,
  4. Put on a program, talent show, or event at a nursing home.
  5. Help clean and paint at a school, nonprofit, or needy neighborhood.
  6. Partner with a local non-profit and provide volunteers.
  7. Collect clothing, school supplies, musical instruments, or gifts for needy kids.
  8. Fix up a run-down playground OR convert an empty lot into a playground.
  9. Do a CrowdFunding campaign to raise money for #CleanWater or a ministry that helps the needy.
  10. Organize an after-school program (tutoring, sports, theater, or music) for kids.
  11. Organize a special event for foreigners, elderly, or needy families.
  12. Do yard and/or repair work at the homes of needy families.
  13. Offer a free car wash or dog wash.
  14. Partner with a nonprofit to provide needed volunteers for a special program, event, or project.
  15. Collect unused make-up and clothing for a center for abused women.
  16. Conduct an eye-glasses donation drive.
  17. Organize free haircuts, eye exams, dental care, medical check-up, etc.
  18. Paint fire hydrants, park benches, fences, or no parking curbs.
  19. Offer career testing, interview training, and resume help for people needing work.
  20. Look at your community’s events calendar and provide volunteers to help serve at the event.
  21. Conduct a food drive to help those in need.
  22. Organize an Appreciation Event for a group in your community (police, fireman, first responders, teachers, etc.).
  23. Work with officials to serve troubled at-risk youth.
  24. Put together a clothing drive to benefit people in need.
  25. Organize a free water, snack, or sun glasses give-away day at an event.
  26. Get permission to organize a flash mob singing event.
  27. Organize a local blood drive with your group.
  28. Organize a free oil change and fluids check day for single parents or elderly.
  29. Offer a bicycle safety check and tune-ups.
  30. Organize a 40 cents off gas discount with a local service station.
  31. Organize a Volunteer Fair for local non-profits, schools, etc.
  32. Provide volunteers for a local feeding program or event.
  33. Build needed wheel chair ramps for the disabled.
  34. Put safety equipment in the homes of the elderly.
  35. Trim overgrown trees/bushes on walking paths or in parks.
  36. Other ideas…
  37. Other ideas…
  38. Other ideas…

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