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How You and Your Potential Donors May Benefit From "Journey Beyond Self"

  • We can be an objective and independent sounding board that perspective donors can confide in. 
  • People may be open to donating, but aren’t confident that they’re able to. We’re able to evaluate giving in conjunction with an individual’s overall financial, tax, estate and investment situation. 
  • Offer suggestions on the best way to donate, or which assets are best suited for their giving objectives. 
  • We may be able to assist potential donors with solutions on how to implement a giving program now while still accomplishing their beneficiary objective(s) thus enabling them to experience the joy of giving. 
  • We can suggest strategies that take advantage of current tax laws. 
  • Provide ideas on how to accomplish gifting with illiquid assets (such as a home, property or business). 
  • We may be able to offer strategies that enable existing donors to give even more. 
  • We offer a free 1040 (tax return) review to analyze taxes from the standpoint of giving. 
  • Because we are not affiliated with, nor do we promote any particular charity, we’re able to assist your potential donors in support of your organization.