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Examples & Stories

Send in inspirational stories about yourself or others that we can share on our website  and/or social media.  Watch for commencement of our contest. We will review submitted stories and select one winner each quarter.  

Acts of generosity don't have to be significant to have an impact.  I'll share a real life story that I witnessed a few months ago.

While having breakfast at IHOP, early one  morning, I was sitting across the aisle from a couple that I know who also frequents the restaurant.  There was a girl eating alone near them that, for reasons unknown to me, did not have the money to pay for her meal.  She was being detained by the store manager and my friends could overhear what was going on.  My friend signaled the waitress over and volunteered to pay for the girl's meal.

This one relatively small act obviously had an impact on the girl, however, as is often the case, a ripple affect resulted.  The act of kindness also left an impression with the store manager, the waitress, as well as myself.  Furthermore, the story was probably shared with others on a second-hand basis.  Finally, my guess is, my friend who helped someone in a difficult situation, probably felt good because he made a difference in someone's life that day.

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