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Examples of How Journey Beyond Self Can Help

  • You have appreciated and/or non-liquid property or ventures and would like them to produce an income in a tax advantaged manner. Since they are illiquid and/or would result in a significant tax burden, if sold, they provide no financial benefit either to you or the causes you believe in. 
  • You are no longer able to itemize contributions to your church or qualified charities. 
  • You are facing significant income taxes due to the sale of a business or due to a jump in taxable income. 
  • You are a high income individual and would like to lower your tax bracket and tax liability. 
  • You would like to help your church or qualified charities now, but not at the expense of your children’s inheritance. What if you could do both while, at the same time benefiting from an income or estate tax standpoint. 
  • You have a high net worth and would like ideals on how to reduce or eliminate estate or gift taxes. 
  • You would like recommendations from an income tax perspective regarding the best way to benefit your church or qualified charity.